Gek genoeg worden hier vooral alleen maar nieuwgeplaatste berichten bekeken. Terwijl juist ook in het nabije verleden – en soms zelfs al langer geleden 😉 – toch hele nuttige, interessante dan wel voorspellende stukjes zijn geplaatst. Zonde om over te slaan. Dus kijk – ook op deze site – eens een keertje verder, zou ik willen voorstellen.

Daarom leek mij onderstaand bericht de moeite van een update waard.

Uit de nieuwsbrief, die ik echt helemaal mag overnemen, van (time-)managementgoeroe Don Wetmore, hier vaker  geciteerd:

“In the United States alone there are approximately 2.4 million deaths each year and 75% of those deaths are from causes within your control. You know what you should be doing to enhance your health and live longer and more productively but a lot of things come along to crowd out what you know you ought to be doing.

Did you know that 90% of the people who sign up at health and fitness clubs today will stop going in the next 90 days? See, what happens is, with all the good intentions, they sign up for the health club and during the first few weeks they attend regularly, feeling better in the process. Then not long after that something comes along keeping them from going, thinking to themselves, “I’ll get back into it next week”. But then something else comes along and they abandon the routine all together.

Could you benefit from a better night’s sleep? 75% of people complain on a regular basis that they are flat-out tired. If you are tired today, your productivity will suffer.

Now, some people have challenges that medical professionals can help with but many are tired because they simply do not get the quantity of sleep that they need. They are overwhelmed with responsibilities and they meet those obligations by spending more time, staying up later, sacrificing sleep time. Others may get the quantity of sleep, but fail to get the quality of sleep their bodies require because their time is not being controlled and their days are filled with stress and crisis keeping them from getting that deep nutritious sleep.

Good time management then is not doing the wrong things faster. That just gets you no where quicker. Good time management is doing the right things, the important things first and nothing could be more important than your health.

So here are some tips to manage your time more wisely to improve your health.

  1. Schedule exercise time. Create an appointment for yourself. Appointments do not always have to be with other people.
  2. Plan good, nutritious meals so when you rush home you do not default to eating junk food.
  3. Plan goof-off/fun time. This is just as vital as the work you do. The most powerful time of your day can be when you give yourself nothing to do but watch the clouds drift by.
  4. Finally, schedule time to read and study health issues and become better informed.

Good time management will help you to

  • Reduce your stress;
  • Improve your sleep;
  • Imrove your attitude;
  • Improve your stamina.

And, extend your life and improve your personal productivity.

Remember, you have to take time for health and fitness today or you will have to take time for sickness and illness tomorrow.

Gezond eten, gezond bewegen, gezond werken. En vooral ook je tijd goed gebruiken.

Wat vindt u eigenlijk zelf? (Niet bedoeld voor sollicitaties.)

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